Online Sessions



Online Sessions

Online sessions are now being offered due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

You can now experience hypnotherapy from the comfort of your own home.  Whilst things feel more up in the air at the moment and uncertainty is all around us, I think we are all feeling more anxious, stressed and depressed than we have felt in a long time.

Worrying about our futures, jobs, businesses, families and friends, money, and our mental health.  Being in isolation has felt very daunting for some of us.

Working online is not a new thing, many hypnotherapists work successfully online only, and have done for a long time, achieving the same results as face to face.

What will you need to do for your online session?  Well, just make yourself comfortable in an armchair, or lie on your bed, make sure you won’t be disturbed (animals, children and partners to leave the room).

It is better to use a bigger screen, like a laptop or tablet, but not necessary, your phone will do.  Make sure your battery is full, or have it plugged in for the duration of the session.  Ideally I need to see more than your head, so setting it up so I can see your shoulders at least too, this is so I can pick up other signals and vital clues that you are experiencing hypnosis, for example I can see you’re relaxed with your breathing.

We shall use either Zoom or Skype (zoom is my preference) and these are FREE platforms for you to download and use.

You cannot get stuck in a trance, even if you are deeply relaxed, with your eyes closed, you will be able to open your eyes and feel completely normal if we lose connection and I go quiet .  I always set up a fail-safe so that if the connection gets broken you can open your eyes, rejoin, and go straight back into the relaxation you felt before.

Extra benefits are there is no travelling expense or time, no rushing to that appointment, you can do it from wherever you are, even if you are away on holiday.   Also having the comfort of your home and surroundings.

As a therapist I wanted to carry on helping people with their mental health, and online is my way of doing that.  Any questions feel free to message me using the contact message on my contact page.